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CH32V003 Evaluation Kit

CAPUF Embedded has recently started reselling WCH products like CH32V003 Board and MCUs.

We are also helping customers build products using WCH MCUs and other innovative chips.

WCH has recently launched a new ultra-low-cost RISCV microcontroller, CH32V003. It costs only 10 Cents in volume.

It runs at 48Mhz and has 16KB Flash and 2KB RAM and other general-purpose interfaces (GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART) available on most microcontrollers.

The MCU has immense potential in various cost-sensitive applications, especially those with high-volume demands. It can be an ideal solution for tasks requiring low computational power or IO expansion. With its versatility, the MCU opens up opportunities for efficient resource utilization and task isolation from the main MCU.

For example, if you are short on IO but LCDs and keys have to be interfaced, this MCU can easily take up that task, and data can be transferred from the main MCU via UART or I2C.

Here are some reasons why engineers should pay attention to the CH32V003:

  • The RISC-V architecture is gaining popularity and is one of the most affordable RISC-V microcontrollers available.
  • The MCU has a wide range of peripherals, making it suitable for various cost-sensitive applications.
  • The MCU is easy to use and program, and fairly good support is available from the manufacturer.
  • There is a growing community of developers using the RISCV-based MCUs, and several resources are available online to help engineers get started.

Introduction Video

CH32V003 Technical Spec

  • 32-bit RISCV 2A Core
  • Up to 48MHz system frequency
  • 2KB SRAM, 16KB Flash
  • 1x DMA controller
  • 1x OpAmp comparators
  • 10-bit ADC
  • 1x 16-bit advanced timer and 1x 16-bit general-purpose timer
  • 2x watchdog timers and 1x 32-bit system time base timer
  • 1x USART
  • 1x I2C
  • 1x SPI interface
  • Upto 18 I/O ports, interrupt is available on all pins
  • 64-bit chip unique ID
  • Serial 1-Wire Debug Interface
  • Multiple low power modes: sleep, standby
  • Supply voltage: 3.3/5V
  • Power-on/power-off reset, programmable voltage detector
  • Package form: TSSOP20, QFN20, SOP16, SOP8

System Block Diagram

Development support

CH32V003 Evaluation Kit

This Evaluation Kit is original and from WCH and not a clone.

Kit contains three things: 1x CH32V003 (TSSOP20) Evaluation board, WCH LInkE Debugger/Programmer and 5x MCU samples(TSSOP20).

WCH-LINKE Debugger / Programmer
5x Samples TSSOP20 Package

Evaluation Board Description

  1. MCU
  2. MCU I/O
  3. Power ON/OFF
  4. USB Interface
  5. RESET Button
  6. LED Row Pins
  7. Debug Interface
  8. Attention

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