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WiFi IoT Gateway

We have designed a WiFi IoT Gateway which can be used in various applications starting from process monitoring to plant monitoring to Solar monitoring, etc.

It can connect various sensors and can send data over the cloud via WiFi.

Technical Specification

  • Isolated Modbus RS485
  • 2x Analog Input (24 Bit)
  • 2x Isolated Digital Input
  • 2x Isolated Output
  • Inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth
  • User Interface: OLED Display (128×64), 4x Keys
  • 7-15V DC power supply
  • Designed with a low cost readily available enclosure

Manufacturing License

We sell the design and will give you all design details (hardware, firmware, and enclosure) so that you can manufacture the product and sell it.

If you want to take the ready-to-use products, white labeled, we can also do that.

We do all kinds of customization in hardware and firmware for your specific application need.

You can contact us for further discussion.