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USB to RS485 Converter

USB to RS485 converter is a device that can be used to connect any device which has RS485/Modbus Interface with a PC.

Companies building devices having RS485 interface, will need this USB to RS485 converter to test their device if it works well or not using a Modbus/RS485/Serial Terminal software on PC.

This USB to RS485 converter is designed and manufactured in India.

Technical Spec

  • Uses Silicon lab’s CP2102 USB to UART bridge
  • Uses Maxim’s MAX14783 IC for UART to RS485 conversion
  • Double protection for Surge(400W peak pulse power) and ESD (15KV)
  • LED for Power and RX and TX
  • A separate GND pin is provided on the terminal block for shielding
  • Can connect 256 RS485 Nodes

Download & Install the Silab CP2102 USB Driver

You can download and install the driver from Silab’s website in case your PC doesn’t have a driver already installed.

After the driver is installed, when you plug the USB to RS485 converter into your PC’s USB port, one COM port will appear in Device Manager(for windows).

What is the cost and how to buy it?

You can buy from our Online Distribution Partners.

Details will be available soon!