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Industrial Grade Isolated USB to UART Converter

We have developed an Industrial Grade Isolated USB to UART converter.

In embedded systems, UART/serial ports are mainly used to view debug messages, to flash the program or to configure the device via command/response protocol.

The Industrial Grade Isolated USB to UART could be useful in various use cases.

High Voltage AC / DC Circuits

Isolated USB to UART Converter is mainly helpful for companies/engineers involved in building power electronics products or dealing with high-voltage DC or AC signals on their boards and want to connect them to a Laptop or PC safely.

Connecting the board with HV AC or DC to a Laptop or PC USB port without isolation may damage the port or laptop. Non-isolated USB to UART converters also induce leakage currents in many situations and can significantly increase noise.

Low Power Embedded Designs which needs 2.5V/1.8V

If you are working on Low-Power Designs like battery-powered asset trackers, wearables, or any battery-powered device, where UART is at a lower voltage level, you will need a USB-to-UART converter that supports those voltage levels.

That’s why CAPUF Embedded’s Isolated USB to UART Converter will help as a voltage section(1.8/2.5/3.3/5.0V) is provided.

Medical Electronics / Noise Sensitive circuits

As safety/induced noise is a great concern in many designs, an isolated USB to UART converter provides the best solution to connect your Embedded Board or product safely with a Laptop or PC.

Isolated USB to UART Converter

What is Unique about our Isolated USB to UART Converter?

  1. The board is designed and manufactured in India.
  2. A 4-channel DIP Switch is provided for an easy voltage level selection (1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5.0V).
  3. Not just RX and TX but RTS, CTS, DSR, and DTR are also provided.
  4. The board can supply ~100mA of power. This power-sourcing capability helps make the setup easy when testing a board that doesn’t need much power.
  5. It provides Galvanic Isolation. Both Power and IOs are Isolated.

Salient Features

  1. USB-C Port: To connect to a PC, one can use a USB-A to USB-C cable or even a USB-C to USB-C cable.
  2. USB to UART Bridge capable of up to 3Mbps
  3. Isolated Power, capable of up to 100mA. Short Circuit Protected.
  4. Isolated RX, TX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, and all IOs are ESD-protected.
  5. Signal voltage level selection 1.8/2.5/3.3/5V via DIP Switch
  6. A 2-pin Jumper is provided to select if you want to power the target(Jumper ON) or if it will be self-powered.
  7. LED Indication for RX, TX, & Power
  8. A male 8-pin header (angled) comes in the package but is unsoldered.
  9. Compact Size: 30.5mm x 70.5mm

Block Diagram

Output VCC Short Circuit Test

Voltage configuration via Dip Switches

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